Rancho Cordova Business Aims to Help Bolster Film Production in the Region

RANCHO CORDOVA -- A new film production services business opened its doors in Rancho Cordova on Monday in hopes of attracting filmmakers to the region.

The California Capital Film Office is a collaboration with Los Angeles based DTLA Entertainment Group, the city of Rancho Cordova and Rancho Cordova Travel and Tourism. It will compile a database of locations, hotels, catering services, production workers and extras to make it easier for movies to be made in Rancho Cordova and the surrounding area.

The company's CEO helped produce a film called "The Talking Tree" in the Greater Sacramento area and saw a need.

"When I came here we needed 40 to 50 extras. We shot in a prison, so we needed prison guards. It was impossible to find, " said Charles Lago, the CEO of the California Capital Film Office.

Lago says he and his associates are well connected with the film industry in Southern California and hopes to attract primarily independent film productions to the city and the region.

A similar effort is moving forward in the city of Sacramento. It hopes to take over the role of the Film Commission, which is operated by Visit Sacramento, by hiring a full-time city Film Commission manager to take over the role of the part-time staffer now used by the business booster organization.

That means helping productions companies find locations, provide logistics support and streamlining permit processes to make filmmaking easier in the city and the region.

It is bolstered by the recent success of the film "Lady Bird", which is set in Sacramento and garnered five Academy Award nominations.

While there have been numerous movies filmed in the area over the decades, city officials see it as a growing economic opportunity.

"That contributes to our local economy but in addition to that, the number of people getting employed is pretty huge in terms of the industry," said Jody Ulich, director of Convention and Cultural Services.

The Rancho Cordova Film Office will soon kick off one of its services, which complies pictures and information on anyone who is interested in becoming a movie extra. It will be looking for people of all types who want to be paid for participating in a film production.

Meanwhile, Sacramento is meeting with consultants this week to flesh out the operations of its new Film Commission.

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