THE MASSEUR @ CalCap in May

Updated: Mar 13

Directed by Charles Lago

Written by Bill Poore and Charles Lago

Masseur Posterv2
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THOMAS (Justin Lopez) a legit bodyworker tries to maintain a professional relationship with his client, TOWERS (Kaleb Branderhorst) an ostensibly straight U. S. Marine Corp Captain married to a woman and farther to their daughter - goes in for a professional massage from a male masseur all the while experiencing varying shades of homosexaul panic and open arousal - Thomas who is a gentle, highly legit Certified Massage Therapist harbors darker and more carnal desires than his sweet dememour reveals. This sophisticated drama is successful of psychological suspense and emotional drama. With cunning lascivious humor, and a gripping sense of anxiety that draws the audience into a literal and figurative striptease, as Towers carefully placed and properly manipulated modesty sheet gives way to full naked disclosure. The physical attraction is intense, but it's the impassioned personal desires of the two men, (sometimes in sync and sometimes at odds), that draws this play to life with a dramatic ending.

*** This play contains situations of nudity - 18 and up.

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